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About us

We are two professionals who have worked with researchers for over two decades. Our conversations with researchers guided us to develop an open, curated and structured research funding database – so that all researchers around the world, irrespective of location, have equal access to research funding information.

Our mission

At scientifyRESEARCH, our mission is to help researchers get research funding and our vision is for a world where the best research and the most promising researchers are funded.

We believe that the best research can only happen if we have a diversity of ideas. We believe that the complexity of the challenges that we face today as a society requires large-scale collaborations. We also believe that fair and effective research funding starts with all qualified researchers having access to research funding information.

Why use our database?

We created a research funding database that is:

Open Access

first comprehensive database that is not pay-walled

Eligibility Filters

focus on relevant funding and open calls

Coverage in All Disciplines

because we need teams to address complex challenges

Do you also believe that research and researchers are the engines of our society? Join us in our quest to help get research funding to the right researchers and get solutions to the challenges that we face as a society, today.

Judy Mielke and Kate Gardner

Founders @ scientifyRESEARCH

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