Neuroscience research funding

A curated list of neuroscience research funding, including research grants, fellowships, travel grants, awards and more.

See also our curated list of neurology research funding.

2023 Winter Pilot Award (autism worldwide)

The 2023 Winter Pilot Award from the Simons Foundation supports researchers around the world with innovative approaches to autism research, especially researchers new to autism research. In particular, the foundation

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Research Grants (neurodegeneration worldwide)

The Research Grants from CurePSP to support research projects on progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and other related neurodegenerative diseases, that have the potential to lead to clinical interventions. CurePSP is particularly

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LF Professorships (Denmark neuroscience)

The LF Professorships from the Lundbeck Foundation support the development of a research environment centred on an internationally recognised scientist and research leader in order to advance ground-breaking research. The

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Research Grant (Huntington´s disease)

The Research Grant funded by the CHDI Foundation supports researchers working on Huntington´s disease worldwide. The Foundation funds research that are in line with its research direction but does not

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