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Climate and Health Science Communication Award 2024 from scientifyRESEARCH 

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Science Communication Blog: Climate and Health Science Communication Award 2024 Judy Mielke, PhD, Founder of scientifyRESEARCH An image of the world at right.

Science Communication for Climate and Health Science

Science communication has always been a crucial aspect of research. After all, what is the value of discoveries and advancements if only a few people are aware of them? At scientifyRESEARCH, we are passionate about research and supporting researchers’ fundamental need for great science: research funding. Since 2021, we have been curating research funding opportunities, and one significant trend we have observed is the rise in climate and health funding.

The Earth is our only home, and without a suitable climate, no one is healthy. Thus, we have partnered with two long-term supporters of health and climate, the Karger Foundation of Karger Publishers in Switzerland and the Letten Prize in Norway, to launch our Climate and Health Science Communication Award. 

What is the Climate and Health Science Communication Award? 

The Climate and Health Science Communication Award, from scientifyRESEARCH in collaboration with the Karger Foundation and Letten Prize is an opportunity for researchers worldwide to share their research results with a general audience. 

Are you a researcher working on climate and health, eager to communicate your findings to the public? This competition is for you.

Scope of the Climate and Health Science Communication Award 

Climate and health research encompasses a wide range of academic disciplines, including environmental science, public health, medicine, social sciences, engineering, and more. Our inclusive definition of climate and health welcomes all topics at the intersection of these fields, such as: 

  • Climate Change and Mental Health 
  • Air Quality and Respiratory Health 
  • Vector-Borne Diseases 
  • Sustainable Healthcare Systems 
  • Health Impact Assessment of Climate Policies 
  • One Health Approach 

We particularly value submissions that offer potential solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change. Potential topics include: 

  • Behavioral Change and Public Health 
  • Community-Based Interventions
  • Green Healthcare Practices 
  • Sustainable Diets 
  • Active Transportation 
  • Home and Workplace Energy Efficiency 

Who can enter and what are the requirements? 

We believe that no one is too senior or too junior to engage in science communication with a general audience. This competition is open to all researchers who have recently published original research on climate and health in a reputable peer-reviewed scientific journal. Applicants must present their research in an essay (blog) format intended for a general audience—readers who are reasonably educated but may not have a scientific background in climate and health. All participants must be authors of the original paper discussed in the competition entry. 

How are winners selected? 

Effective science communication rests on two pillars: the content must be accessible and engaging to the target audience. Therefore, our competition measures interest and uptake by a general audience. All essay entries that meet our editorial standards will be published on the scientifyRESEARCH blog at Entrants are encouraged to promote their entries through all legitimate channels to boost online traffic. A shortlist of entries will be selected based primarily, but not exclusively, on traffic numbers. These will then be presented to our expert jury panel, which includes editorial staff members from leading scientific journals and representatives from prominent research funders. 

Why take part? 

Participating in the Climate and Health Science Communication Award offers numerous benefits. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase your research to a broader audience and may help fulfill the “science communication” requirements from your institution or research funder. 

Three winners will be chosen to receive cash prizes and funds to support further science communication and outreach activities. 

Engage the public with your research and make a difference. We look forward to your submissions! 

Competition Timeline

Timeline for the 2024 Climate and Health Science Communication Award is as follows: 

June 20, 2024: 

Application opens.

June – September 

Applicants must register their interest and are encouraged to submit their essay asap to maximize online exposure. 

Entries meeting editorial standards are published online continuously. 

September 16, 2024 

Final submission date. 


Participants are strongly encouraged to share their essays in innovative ways to maximize the online exposure of their competition entries. 


Five finalists are selected by the jury to present their essay in a 3-minute presentation at our online award ceremony in December. 

Finalists announced online. 


Online awards ceremony. 

Three winners for the Climate and Health Science Communication Award are selected by the jury. 

What are the benefits?

What is the point of excellent research if people do not understand the implications? 

This is your chance to communicate your climate and health research to the world and polish your science communication skills. 

You know your research well. This gives you an opportunity to present your work to a global and not necessarily academic audience and the opportunity to win Prize money for your scientific contributions.

There will be a cash prize for the top 3 award-winning essay entries:

  • One prize winner / winning team will receive 4,000 EUR for further science communication support and a personal prize of 1000 EUR.  
  • The other two finalists will receive 500 EUR each. 

Who is organizing this award program and why?

We are! This award program ha been developed by scientifyRESEARCH, a research services company based in Stockholm. Our mission is to help researchers get research funding and our vision is for a world where the best research and the most promising researchers are funded.

We want to support the most promising researchers of our time with recognition and visibility. We also believe that science communication is imperative. The intersection of climate and health is a universal topic that should be understood by all.

Who is funding this award program and why?

The funding has been provided by the Karger Foundation of Karger Publishers, a publishing company based in Switzerland and Letten Prize, based in Norway. The funders are both dedicated to advancing research and science communication in climate and health.

“The Climate and Health Award by ScientifyResearch embodies our Foundation’s core values of advancing scientific knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Our partnership reflects our joint commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in research. Together, we empower scientists to tackle the urgent challenges at the nexus of climate change and public health, driving progress towards a healthier, more resilient world.”
-Gabriella Karger, Publisher and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors at Karger Publishers

“Dedicated to promoting young scholars and research that furthers human development, the Letten Prize recognises the key importance also of disseminating research.” -Nils H. Korsvoll, former leader of The Letten Prize Board (2022-2024).

Where to find more information about submitting an essay?

Please visit this Climate and Health Science Award information page on our website to read more about the eligibility requirements and how to submit your interest in participation and your 1000 word essay.


Special thanks to the Karger Foundation of Karger Publishers and Letten Prize for the generous financial support, making this award program possible.

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