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International Women’s Day – Research Funding for Female Researchers

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Celebrate International Women's Day with our free webinar on research funding information specifically for women researchers.

As with many industries, academic research is plagued by gender disparity and the phenomenon of the "leaky pipeline" whereby the proportion of women dwindles as one progresses up the career ladder. Many factors contribute to this, including cultural, institutional, societal, personal and much more. While we won't be able to change the situation with one webinar, we seek positive change through raising awareness of the types of research funding mechanisms that could help address the imbalance, with concrete examples of what funders and learned societies around the world are doing to promote women in research.

This year on International Women´s Day on March 8 at 2 pm Central European Time, our Researcher Insights Specialist, Dr. Anara Zhumadilova, will share with us her insights on gender equality and research funding opportunities that are dedicated to the great women researchers around us.

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