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Putting a Cap on it: the challenges and successes in creating workflows for limited submission research funding (free webinar)

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Webinar description

In this webinar, Dr. Jaydene Witchell will discuss the pressure on research institutions to limit submissions to funding opportunities, and the benefits of creating demand managed workflows that are equitable, inclusive and maximise success.

The competition for funding is intense and funders attempt to manage this by limiting submissions. Research Managers and Administrators are increasingly required to run selection panels within their institutions, often with little time and little evidence-based guidance on good practice. Are there lessons that we might learn from each other, to support a more positive research culture?

Explored from the perspectives of the funder, the research office and the applicant, this webinar provides a valuable opportunity for researchers and administrators to enhance their understanding of limited submission opportunities and optimize their grant-seeking strategies.

About our guest speaker:

Dr. Jaydene Witchell is a Research Development Specialist with a PhD in Molecular Biology and a passion for empowering researchers by making grant funding more accessible. Her expertise on the complexities of research funding is built upon ten years working for the global charitable foundation Wellcome Trust, managing the grant application process and a portfolio of Wellcome’s expert review panels. During that time she facilitated the assessment of over a thousand research grant proposals and read thousands more accompanying peer reviewer reports. Jaydene was keen to use her funder panel knowledge in a more applied way and to support applicants during the grant writing and development phase. She is now nearing four years of working within university Research and Innovation Offices, firstly for Cranfield University and more recently, the University of Southampton. She inspires engagement and influences change by providing guidance to researchers navigating the funding landscape and by demystifying the grant application process. Jaydene is a keen advocate of the Research Manager and Administrator community and is starting a new venture in championing sharing of best practice between Research Development teams.

When: Tuesday October 10, 2023 2 pm-3pm British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Webinar slides here.

Webinar recording here.



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