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Success in ERC: The pre-writing stage: free webinar on ERC application success (with Sciencepoint and Bekk Research Support) 2024

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Success in ERC: The pre-writing stage | Free Webinar Tuesday, June 25 2024 3-5pm Stockholm (CEST) | Guest Speakers Malte Beringer, PhD and Stewe Bekk, MsC | scientifyRESEARCH logo

Webinar description

The Starting (StG) and Consolidator (CoG) grants from the European Research Council (ERC) are among the most prestigious research support programs in Europe, open to outstanding early-to-mid career researchers across all scientific disciplines. These grants provide generous funding for groundbreaking research projects lasting up to five years.

Identifying the right moment to apply and understanding the essential characteristics of ERC projects are crucial steps toward a successful application. During our seminar “Success in ERC: The pre-writing stage”, we share our extensive experience as grant consultants to help participants understand what they need to consider while developing their project idea and application in order to increase chances for success.

We begin by discussing the key elements of granted ERC projects and go into the details of the ERC evaluation process and reviewer profiles. We break down and analyze the official evaluation criteria “Scientific excellence”, and participants learn the critical importance of selecting the appropriate panel and keywords. This enables them to tailor their proposals to resonate with the target audience. By providing invaluable information at the pre-writing stage, we help prospective ERC grant applicants transform their exceptional scientific ideas into standout proposals.


  • What is and What is not an ERC project?
  • Key aspects of the submission process
  • Profile of the evaluators & how to choose the right panel
  • Breaking down the evaluation criterion “Scientific excellence”
  • Q&A

For whom?

For any researcher considering applying for ERC StG and CoG. Program managers and grants officer are welcome to attend.

About our guest speakers

Developed by ERC experts Malte Beringer and Stewe Bekk, this event draws on our comprehensive experience of conducting over 50 seminars for 1.000+ researchers and at premier European institutions, underscoring our dedication to preparing researchers for success.

Malte Beringer (PhD), Grant Consultant and Trainer. Malte holds a PhD in Biochemistry with over 15 years of professional experience in the molecular life sciences, and extensive hands-on experience in scientific writing and grant writing. Malte dedicates himself to work with scientists and institutions - primarily from the life sciences - in preparing competitive grant proposals. In the community, he is also known as the “ERC whisperer”, for his track record of helping candidates develop successful ERC applications. Since 2018, he has been focusing on the most prestigious of all European funding schemes, the ERC, while also supporting collaborative proposals within the H2020/HEurope and applications to national funding programmes. Overall, he has helped scientists win grants totalling more than €35 Mio.

Stewe Bekk (MSc), Grant Consultant and Trainer. Stewe is a seasoned Grant Consultant with over a decade of experience working at prestigious research institutes in Barcelona, including IDIBAPS, ICN2, and ICFO. In 2020, he founded Bekk Research Support, a research funding consultancy focusing primarily on providing comprehensive ERC grant preparation services. Having consulted on more than 400 ERC projects, Stewe possesses an intuitive understanding of what distinguishes a successful proposal. His expert guidance has been pivotal in the successful application of numerous ERC grants, establishing him as an invaluable resource for ERC aspirants.

About scientifyRESEARCH 

At scientifyRESEARCH, our mission is to help researchers secure research funding and our vision is for a world where the best research and the most promising researchers are funded. We believe that the best research can only happen if we have a diversity of ideas. We believe that the complexity of the challenges that we face today as a society, requires large-scale collaborations. We also believe that fair and effective research funding starts with all qualified researchers having better access to research funding sources.  This is why we built a research funding database that works for researchers. We're a Stockholm-based company that supports researchers globally with funding information.

When: Tuesday, June 25, 2024. 15:00-17:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Webinar slides can be found here. Contact us if you would like to organize similar events for your research community.

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