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Can you help me find research funding?

Yes. As a research funding database, we are here to connect researchers with research funding. We have several membership options available, including a free trial and a “freemium” membership option. See all our membership options here.


We also have a consultation service, whereby we share with you how to find funding from different sources and provide you with a list of suggested funding for your research. You can book a personal research funding consultation here.

Why should I have a membership?

As a non-member, you can see the research funding available in our database. However, you can only see a small number of grants per hour.


As an individual researcher, you can be a freemium member (this option is always free), which allows you to see double the number of grants per hour, and also use some of our eligibility filters to help you focus on the funds for which you are eligible. Freemium members also benefit from our grant alert service.

What is the benefit of having a premium membership?

Having a premium membership at scientifyRESEARCH ensures that you are always up-to-date on relevant funding for you and your research.


Premium members benefit from our comprehensive eligibility filters and unlimited search results. Even more importantly, our suite of productivity tools make it easier for you to find funding faster, including the option to save your eligibility filters so that when you come back to the database, you can go straight to new relevant funding for your research. You can also add interesting funding to your “favorites” list and add these grant deadlines directly to your digital calendar. 

Do you also have premium memberships for institutional members?

Yes. We have discounted options available for institutional members.


Our packages can be tailored to your specific needs, including individual access options for research managers to full institutional access for all your researchers. Talk to us today.

What kind of funding does your database include?

We cover all funding options that support researchers at universities and research institutions worldwide, including scholarships, fellowships, professorships, research grants and more, such as grants that help you with conference attendance, organizing conferences and science communication funding.


We also cover funding that helps support your open science / open access publishing efforts.


Are you looking into clincial trial funding or funds that support commercialization of your researcher? We have you covered there too.

What subject areas do you cover?

As a comprehensive research funding database, we cover ALL academic disciplines, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, medicine, arts, humanities, social sciences and more.


With more funders seeking interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research proposals, we believe that hosting funding information for all disciplines will help foster interactions and reach across academic silos. 

What region does your research funding database cover?

We cover primarily English language research funding calls. As a high-quality research funding database, we have extensively classified funder’s requirements so that you know whether a funder will cover your research based on your current and activity location.

Research funders based in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, European Union and the UK are well represented in our research funding database. Many of these funders also fund researchers beyond their national borders, especially many private foundation funders. 

Do you include funding for researchers in developing countries?

Yes. As a high-quality research funding database, we pride ourselves in our ability to serve our community with the most accurate research funding information.


One of these is our ability to specifically identify funding that is open only to researchers in developing countries, check out our continuously updated LMIC research funding list here.

Can you update me when a relevant grant is available?

Yes. A grant alert service is available for our freemium and premium members. You can specify your needs and when a grant matching this criteria is open, you will be notified immediately.

As a freemium member, you can specify your funding needs according to your career stage, subject area and whether you require special funding, such as funding dedicated for women and underrepresented communities in research.

As a premium member, you can extend this with work location, citizenship, and any research mobility funding that helps you to do your research in another country, such as postdoctoral training, sabbatical visits or any other international recruitment funding calls.

Do you also help with grant writing and grant editing?

Yes. Through our collaboration with GrantDesk, we offer grant writing and editing services. 

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