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Individual Travel Support Program (mathematics | developing countries)

The Individual Travel Support Program from the International Mathematical Union (IMU)’s Commission for Developing Countries (CDU) supports mathematicians from developing countries to travel to an internationally known mathematical center of excellence (worldwide) for collaborative research. Applicants must:

  1. hold a PhD in Mathematics
  2. be based (place of work) in a developing country.
  3. be employed as a faculty member of a university or an equivalent institution.
  4. have already established contact with a mathematician in the host institution and should have a definite research plan at the time of applying for the grant.
  5. have been granted appropriate leave of absence from his/her institution for the period of visit.

Applicants may apply for up to 2500 EUR and the research stay must be at least 1 month long. There are 4 assessment deadlines per year.

The next applications close on April 15, 2023.

Discipline: Mathematics

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