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Paediatric Research Grant (UK nephrology)

The Paediatric Research Grant from Kidney Research UK supports UK-based researchers working on paediatric kidney diseases, including

Clinical research that focuses on: 

  • the diagnosis, natural history, epidemiology or treatment of children who have diseases of the kidney or urinary tract 
  • the prenatal origins of childhood kidney or urinary tract diseases
  • the impact on adult health of kidney or urinary tract diseases with an onset in childhood or the prenatal period.

Laboratory research that address:

  • the causes of, and find potential new treatments for, childhood kidney and/or urinary tract diseases 
  • how the kidney and/or urinary tract normally forms, grows and matures before and after birth.

Funding is available in two forms:

Research project grant: up to 250,000 GBP for innovative projects up to 3 years.

Startup grant: up to 40,000 GBP for pilot projects up to 2 years.

Letters of intent are due on October 4, 2022. Invited full applications are due on November 29, 2022.

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