Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowships

The Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowships from the National Psoriasis Foundation supports physicians training for research careers in dermatology, rheumatology, pediatric dermatology, and pediatric rheumatology, with priority given to applications that advance psoriatic disease research. Applications are open to physicians (MDs) worldwide, with possible exceptions for excellent medical students. The Fellowship provides 50,000 USD for 1 year (direct … Read more

Excellence & Innovation in Anti-Doping Science Grants Program

The Grants Program Supporting excellence & innovation in anti-doping science funded by the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) supports investigators worldwide working on anti-doping research. Current research priorities of the program are: Developing methods of cost-effective testing to detect and deter the use of banned and illegal substances. Developing testing protocols to detect designer substances … Read more

Research Project Grants (UK researchers)

The Research Project Grants from the Leverhulme Trust provide funding for UK-based researchers to conduct innovative and original research projects. While most disciplines are covered by the grant, the following areas are not funded due to the wide availability of alternative sources of funding: biomedical research for human or animal diseases, research with clinical applications, policy research, … Read more

The Society in Science

The Society in Science is a Switzerland-based foundation with the mission to take science beyond the mainstream. The Society funds the Branco Weiss Fellowship, which provides generous support for postdoctoral researchers worldwide to pursue innovative research. Up to 10 fellows are awarded each year with applications closing in January.

Branco Weiss Fellowship (postdocs worldwide in all disciplines)

The Branco Weiss Fellowship is funded by The Society in Science and supports excellent postdoctoral researchers worldwide, to pursue their innovative research projects anywhere in the world. Applicants should have a track record of outstanding research achievement and propose research projects that are novel and scientifically rigorous. Applicants should hold a PhD up to a … Read more

Funding Programme Democracy (humanities worldwide)

The Funding Programme Democracy from the Gerda Henkel Foundation provides research funding for humanities research teams worldwide working on democracy. This funding call has two subsections: “Historically oriented subsection on the topic of Democracy as a Utopia, Experience and Threats aims at placing the aforementioned problematic issues in the broader historical context and considering the history of … Read more

Blanceflor Scholarship (Swedish and Italian PhD and Postdocs)

The Blanceflor Scholarship provided by The Foundation Blanceflor Boncompagni Ludovisi, née Bildt supports research and education by researchers who are Swedish or Italian citizens. The Scholarship is open to PhD and postdoctoral researchers working in physics, chemistry, odontology, medical science, engineering, computer science, geophysics, geochemistry, or astrophysics. Applicants must be Swedish or Italian citizens, and … Read more

The Foundation Blanceflor Boncompagni Ludovisi, née Bildt

The Foundation Blanceflor Boncompagni Ludovisi, née Bildt is a Sweden-based foundation with the purpose of promoting scientific research and education. The Foundation funds scholarships for PhD and postdoctoral fellows who are either Swedish or Italian citizens and should be not older than 33 years of age. Successful applicants may use their funding for study or … Read more

General Research Grants: Scholarships (humanities worldwide)

The General Research Grants: Scholarships from the Gerda Henkel Foundation provide research funding for humanities researchers worldwide with a particular focus on the following subject areas: Archaeology History of Art Historical Islamic Studies History History of Science History of Law Prehistory and Early History The applicant must hold a PhD. For postdoc applicants, the PhD … Read more

Small Research Projects and Equipment Fund (microbiologists)

The Small Research Projects and Equipment Fund from the Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) provides project or equipment funding for microbiologists supervising a graduate student – the funds are intended to help the student complete their studies. Funding of up to 3000 GBP are available and open for application to all SfAM members worldwide.