Location: Sweden

Archive of research funders based in Sweden.


Alzheimerfonden, based in Sweden, is a funding organization that supports dementia research in Sweden. Alzheimerfonden funds two types of grants – for scientific research and

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SciLifeLab, Science for Life Laboratory, was created by four universities in Stockholm and Uppsala. The institution is based in Sweden and focuses on the advancement of

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Volvo Environment Prize Foundation

The Volvo Environment Prize Foundation is a Sweden-based foundation, dedicated to rewarding outstanding scientific discoveries or innovations broadly falling within the environmental sphere. The Volvo Environment Prize was

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Formas is the Swedish government research council for sustainable development. Formas funds research on the environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning, conducted by Sweden-based researchers,

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Barncancer Fonden

Barncancer Fonden (Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund) is the largest funder of childhood cancer research in Sweden. The Fund supports Sweden-based researchers working on childhood cancer

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The Ekhagastiftelsen is a Swedish foundation dedicated to improving human health through the development of better food, natural medicines and healing practices, and to support research

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