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Location: Sweden

Archive of research funders based in Sweden.


The Brottsofferfonden provides funding for research and projects oriented towards crime victims. Researchers, civil society organizations, and both public and private businesses are eligible to

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Stiftelsens Hästforskning

The Stiftelsens Hästforskning was established in 2004. The foundation supports collaborative research in Norway and Sweden in subject areas such as veterinary medicine, animal science,

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Familjen Kamprads Stiftelse

The Familjen Kamprads Stiftelse aims to promote, stimulate, and reward education and scientific research in a manner that encourages entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, competence building, health

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The Försvarshögskolan aspires to function as an agent of change within the domains of Defence and Security Policy. By advancing fresh insights and providing educational

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Olle Engkvists Stiftelse

The Olle Engkvists Stiftelse backs scientific research across various fields, prioritizing medicine, natural sciences, technology, and humanities. It offers grants for scientific research and publications

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