Location: Sweden

Archive of research funders based in Sweden.


SciLifeLab, Science for Life Laboratory, was created by four universities in Stockholm and Uppsala. The institution is based in Sweden and focuses on the advancement of

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Volvo Environment Prize Foundation

The Volvo Environment Prize Foundation is a Sweden-based foundation, dedicated to rewarding outstanding scientific discoveries or innovations broadly falling within the environmental sphere. The Volvo Environment Prize was

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Formas is the Swedish government research council for sustainable development. Formas funds research on the environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning, conducted by Sweden-based researchers,

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Barncancer Fonden

Barncancer Fonden (Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund) is the largest funder of childhood cancer research in Sweden. The Fund supports Sweden-based researchers working on childhood cancer

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The Ekhagastiftelsen is a Swedish foundation dedicated to improving human health through the development of better food, natural medicines and healing practices, and to support research

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The Crafoord Foundation

The Crafoord Foundation is a private charitable foundation based in Sweden. The Foundation funds researchers based at the following Swedish universities: Blekinge Institute of Technology Halmstad

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