International Education and Development Award (cancer research developing countries)

The International Development & Education Award from Conquer Cancer (The ASCO Foundation) supports early-career oncology researchers from low and middle-income countries with the opportunity to pair with a leading oncologist in the USA as a mentor, funding support to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting, participate in a post-Meeting visit to their Mentor’s institution, and develop … Read more

Newsom-Davis Visiting Fellowships (developing countries neurology)

The Newsom-Davis Visiting Fellowships from The Guarantors of Brain support short-term training of neurologists from developing nations, including those from Eastern Europe (in former Warsaw pact countries) at a UK Clinical Neurology department. Applicants must be currently based in Eastern Europe or countries eligible for Official Development Assistance (on the OECD’s List of ODA Recipients). The … Read more

Great Apes & Gibbons Grants

The Great Apes & Gibbons Grants from the Arcus Foundation supports programs that achieve conservation and respect for the great and small apes. Through this funding program, the Foundation aims to: Reconcile socio-economic development and conservation activities in priority ape landscapes; Build an effective movement of institutions and leadership addressing current and emerging threats to … Read more

2023 Early Career Women Scientists Awards (developing countries)

The The OWSD – Elsevier Foundation Awards for Early Career Women Scientists in the Developing World are funded by the OWSD and The Elsevier Foundation and recognize the achievement of women scientists in the developing world who have made an impact on the research environment. Awardees must have completed their doctoral studies in the past … Read more

Georg Forster Research Award (experienced researchers from developing countries in Germany)

The Georg Forster Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation provides fellowship funding for highly qualified experienced researchers from developing countries to conduct research in Germany. Researchers from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply. See full list of countries eligible for this award. Applicants should have completed their doctorate less than 12 years … Read more

World Bank Scholarships Program (developing countries)

The World Bank Scholarships Program from The World Bank enables citizens of certain developing countries to do their master’s degree program in a development-related topic. The potential scholarships include 26 participating programs at universities in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan in key areas of development, including economic policy management, tax policy, and infrastructure management. Applicants need to … Read more

Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program (US & developing countries)

The Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program from the Fogarty International Center of the NIH supports joint collaborative training programs that will strengthen the capacity of a low/middle-income country (LMIC) institution to conduct infectious disease research (not including HIV/AIDS). Joint applications are encouraged from US and LMIC-based researchers. The trainees covered in the program must … Read more

International Climate Protection Fellowship (for prospective leaders from developing countries to research in Germany)

The International Climate Protection Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation provides fellowship funding for prospective leaders in climate protection to conduct a 1-year research project in Germany. Applicants must have at least a bachelor´s degree, demonstrated leadership skills, extensive experience (at least 48 months) in climate protection and be citizens of developing countries – … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccine Development for LMIC

The COVID-19 Vaccine Development for LMIC from Pfizer/BioNTech supports COVID-19 vaccine development in low and middle income countries (LMIC). The researcher and host institution must be based in an LMIC. Of particular interest are: Clinical studies designed to lead to approval and availability of new COVID-19 vaccine(s) Such vaccine(s) must be intended to protect large … Read more