Holland Scholarship (bachelor & master’s – all disciplines)

The Holland Scholarship from Nuffic recognizes international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and enables them to do their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in the Netherlands. Applicants must be non-EEA citizens and meet the specific requirements of the institution in the Netherlands they are applying to. The institution needs to be one of … Read more

Visiting Professorship (Denmark neuroscience)

The Visiting Professorship from the Lundbeck Foundation provides funding for foreign visiting professors to Danish research institutions. Applicants must be a leading research leader at a Danish non-commercial research institution who wishes to invite an international colleague to Denmark. Projects within neuroscience will be prioritized. Funding of up to 500,000 DKK are available for visits … Read more

Visiting Fellowships 2023 (UK humanities & social sciences)

The Visiting Fellowships 2023 from The British Academy support humanities and social science researchers from all countries to visit the UK and form collaborations with UK-based researchers. The program is open to postdoctoral academics at any career stage. The fellowship provides 33,000 GBP for 3-6 months. Applications close on November 30, 2022.

Royal Society Wolfson Visiting Fellowship (UK sabbatical for international researchers)

The Royal Society’s Wolfson Visiting Fellowships provide funding for outstanding international researchers to undertake their sabbatical leave at a UK university or research institution. Researchers from life and physical sciences, including engineering, are encouraged to apply. This program does not cover researchers in clinical medicine. Applicants may apply for up to 125,000 GBP in funding to … Read more

Dr. Wilhelmy-GSO Travel Expenses Program (STEM job interviews in Germany)

The Dr. Wilhelmy-GSO Travel Expenses Program is supported by the German Scholars Organization (GSO) to facilitate the recruitment of international researchers to Germany by covering the travel costs associated with interviewing international candidates. The Program is open to the following institutions in Germany recruiting researchers from abroad in science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM). public … Read more

Mental Health Award: sleep and anxiety  (worldwide)

The research funding scheme Mental Health Award: Integrating sleep and circadian science into our understanding and treatment of anxiety, depression and psychosis from the Wellcome Trust supports researchers worldwide (except for mainland China and countries under international sanctions). The award seeks to fund teams of researchers working on the interdependent roles of sleep and circadian rhythm … Read more

International Fellowships (UK-based researchers)

The International Fellowships from the Leverhulme Trust provide funding for researchers with UK affiliations to conduct research projects outside of the UK. Funding may be used for but are not limited to: developing new lines of research through overseas collaboration making ‘discipline-hopping excursions’ into new areas of research developing innovations in teaching preparing for collaborative … Read more

Heredity Fieldwork Grant (UK genetics)

The Heredity Field Grant from The Genetics Society provides funding for geneticists to cover travel and accommodation costs associated with fieldwork. Applicants must be members of the Society. For applicants living and working in the UK, the fieldwork may be conducted in the UK or abroad; non-UK-based applicants must conduct the proposed fieldwork in the … Read more

Global Grants for Gut Health

The Global Grants for Gut Health is funded by Nature and Yakult, to support investigator-initiated research into the human gut microbiota, focusing on the geriatric gut microbiome, to better understand the link between the gut microbiome and aging. The grants are open to researchers worldwide at universities, research institutes or any other not-for-profit organization. Applications must … Read more

Lundbeck Foundation Start-Up Programme (Danish neuroscience)

The Lundbeck Foundation Start-up Programme funded by the Lundbeck Foundation facilitates the recruitment of researchers to Denmark from abroad or from industry. The research theme should be within basic or clinical neuroscience. University or hospital leaders with hiring authority for permanent positions may apply. Funds of up to 6 million DKK for up to 4 … Read more