Jain Foundation

The Jain Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the mission to cure muscular dystrophies caused by dysferlin protein deficiency. The Foundation is privately funded and provides research funding for the improved treatment or the development of cures for dysferlinopathies (LGMD2B and Miyoshi Myopathy).

American Physiological Society

The American Physiological Society´s mission is to advance scientific discovery, understand life, and improve health. Among its many activities is the financial support for scientific excellence and promise, through many awards, grants and fellowships to its members.

Progeria Research Foundation (PRF)

The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) is dedicated to the discovery of treatments and cures for progeria and its aging-related conditions. The Foundation funds translational research that could lead to clinical treatment trials within 5 years, the development of gene and cell-based therapies to treat progeria, and the assessment of natural disease history that may be … Read more

Focused Ultrasound Foundation

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is dedicated to the improvement of patient outcomes through accelerating the development and adoption of focused ultrasound. The Foundation provides funding for pre-clinical and clinical research around the globe and funds researchers at all career stages and also researchers in industry.

American Academy of Periodontology Foundation

The American Academy of Periodontology Foundation´s mission is to improve the periodontal and general health of the public through the support of research and education. The Foundation provides extensive funding opportunities for all career stages. Some awards are restricted to those with US permanent residency/citizenship or those working in the USA.

Conquer Cancer (The ASCO Foundation)

Conquer Cancer (The ASCO Foundation) has a mission to conquer cancer by funding research and sharing knowledge worldwide. The Foundation provides a diverse range of funding for all career and for scientists/clinicians worldwide.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation´s mission is to create positive outcomes for future generations. To meet this goal, the Foundation fosters scientific research, environmental conservation, and patient care improvements, among other activities.

A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation

A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation´s mission is to accelerate research in pediatric brain cancer through funding both basic and translational studies. The Foundation funds investigators worldwide and early-career investigators are strongly encouraged to apply.

Thrasher Research Fund

The Thrasher Research Fund provides global medical research grants to improve the lives of children. There are two funding mechanisms, The E.W. “Al” Thrasher Award for independent pediatric researchers and the Early Career Awards for postdoctoral fellows.