Project U Change: Perspective from a Funder, Yves Gärtner, Head of U Change

November 2, 2022
Preface: Sustainability is hot on everyone’s lips these days, but what are we actually doing about it? At this year’s EuroScience Open Forum, we met with Yves Gärtner, Head of U Change at the Swiss Academies...

Open Access Week 2022: Research Funders for Climate Justice 

October 27, 2022
What is Open Access Week? International Open Access Week is a global event that promotes the benefit and need for openness in research and scholarly publications. Events dedicated to open access week highlight opportunities that promote...
SciComm Funders

SciComm: The Significance of Science Communication and Funding Opportunities Dedicated to SciComm

October 20, 2022
What is SciComm? Science communication, widely termed as SciComm, is the method of informing and raising awareness about critical science-related topics among the general public. It is a relatively new field that functions to bridge the...

Estonian Research Council’s science outreach program, Rocket69: Perspective from a science communicator, Mare Vahtre – Science Communication Coordinator

October 5, 2022
Preface: Science communication is one of the pillars of a science-based society where evidence and facts support decision making. In our “Perspectives from a Science Communicator” series, we bring you science communication insights from experts around...

Falling Walls Female Science Talents Intensive Track: Perspective from a recipient, Dr. Alejandra Parreño

September 30, 2022
Preface: Among the many activities of the Falling Walls Foundation to support science and science communication is the Female Science Talents Intensive Track. Every year, the program selects 20 exceptionally talented women in science, who already...
Small image of outline of world globe at top left above “New Global Participation Fund” Logo: ORCID Connecting Research and Researchers White text appears over a darker blue wave: New guest blog from Lombe Tembo, Grant Program Officer / Engagement Lead at ORCID

ORCID Offering Grants to Expand Global Adoption

September 27, 2022
New grant from ORCID in 2022: Global Participation Program This past May, ORCID launched a global initiative to develop ORCID Communities of Practice in under-represented regions around the world. The goal of the Global Participation Program...

World Cancer Research Day 2022: Keeping up with +4000 cancer research funders around the world

September 26, 2022
September 24 is World Cancer Research Day  World Cancer Research Day was launched in 2016 by ten renowned organizations and is observed on September 24 [1]. The idea behind the celebration of World Cancer Research Day...
A photo of Alexis Ceasrine: PostDoc Appreciation Week 2022: Are you making an expensive mistake? The true cost of doing a postdoc

PostDoc Appreciation Week 2022: Are you making an expensive mistake? The true cost of doing a postdoc 

September 22, 2022
Most academic research labs would agree that a lab without postdocs is like a river without water. All the more reason that we in the research ecosystem should be supporting our postdocs, but do we really...

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