Research funding insights

How inclusive is research funding? Research funding for women and underrepresented populations

July 18, 2022
Preface: As part of this year’s EuroScience Open Forum in Leiden (July 13 – 15, 2022), we, at scientifyRESEARCH, presented a poster looking at the use of funding as a strategy to promote diversity in the research workforce. Being an open research funding database, we are well placed to promote diversity funding opportunities and thereby...

Project management tools for researchers in 2022

July 6, 2022
Check here for the 2023 update of this blog. When you type in “project management tools” in your search bar, you get a seemingly endless number of results. In the past few years, more and more project management tools have been launched and the decision for the right tool for you to manage your projects...

Funding for researchers considering a PhD  

June 8, 2022
Are you exploring your career options and thinking about starting a PhD? Are you excited about the prospect of spending time and energy on a subject that you are passionate about? Are you fascinated by discovering new things and even more by the process of discovery? If so, it sounds like doing a PhD might...

International Day of Immunology – let´s talk about research funding for immunologists

April 25, 2022
April 29 is the International Day of Immunology. These days, we know the immune system can do amazing things – from fighting against infections to harnessing the power of the immune system against cancer. The knowledge that we have today does not come free – every year, billions of dollars are spent on biomedical research....

International Women´s Day 2022: Empowering women through research funding – not only on March 8

March 1, 2022
Are you a woman in research and sometimes feel that the cards are stacked against you? As a women-built and women-driven start-up helping researchers with research funding, we are passionate about empowering women, especially women in science. To celebrate International Women´s Day on March 8, we take a closer look at gender disparity in research...

Biomedical Research Funders without Borders – Funding for Researchers Worldwide

November 3, 2021
When we talk about biomedical research funders, we tend to think about the major governmental funders, such as the NIH, the European Commission, or the UK MRC. We also know that the majority of public funders fund research within their borders, and some of these research funders further impose restrictions based on citizenship or to...
USA for international research mobility

Is international mobility – is the USA still the best place for postdoctoral training?

September 22, 2021
International mobility has long been accepted among academic researchers and it is quite normal for a research laboratory to have at least half a dozen nationalities among its members. There are many perceived advantages to this international exchange of academic talent and on an individual level, it is seen as the established route to an...
Writing successful grant applications blog

How to Write Successful Grant Applications: 5 Most Common Recommendations

August 19, 2021
When it comes to writing successful grant applications, it seems that the internet is full of advice and recommendations. In addition to blog posts, the peer-reviewed scientific literature is also an abundant source of information. With all these information, how do you decide what is good advice? While researching “how to write successful grant applications”,...

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