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Enabla: interactive, inclusive, and open science lectures

Preface: As platforms like Zoom and Tiktok have allowed us to communicate our research across more boundaries, Enabla is bringing teaching and science education out of the lecture halls and onto an open, inclusive, and interactive platform. We asked Anton from Enabla about what it’s like to make our lectures available online, and learned that … Read more

Open Science First Fridays: Biodiversity Data and Open Science (webinar)

The “Open Science First Fridays” is a series of webinars organized by the Global Young Academy ranging from ChatGPT to Open Science policies on every first Friday of the month, starting in April 2023. The webinar topic in July is “Biodiversity Data and Open Science “. When: Friday July 7, 2023 at 12 noon UTC.

University:Future Festival 2023 (online event)

The University:Future Festival (U:FF) is an event focusing on digitalisation in teaching and learning and also offers orientation, networking and inspiration. It is a hybrid event and is open to all. This year, there will be three physical stages in Berlin, Bochum and Heilbronn but the full program with all its stages can only be … Read more

Open Science Conference 2023 (online event)

The Open Science Conference 2023 is hosted by the UN and brings together policymakers, representatives of intergovernmental organizations, researchers, scholars, librarians, publishers and civil society. The theme of this year’s event is “Accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals, Democratizing the Record of Science” and will address: Conference registrants will be able to participate in discussions about … Read more

Open Access Week 2022: Research Funders for Climate Justice 

What is Open Access Week? International Open Access Week is a global event that promotes the benefit and need for openness in research and scholarly publications. Events dedicated to open access week highlight opportunities that promote open access and advocate actions that ensure the accessibility of educational materials and research information to everyone. Each year, … Read more

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