Discover Your Career Opportunities as a Sciencepreneur! (online)

You want to take the leap from academia into business with your research idea but don’t know where to start? Join the Falling Walls Foundation for a quick lunch Q+A session on October 4, 2023 from 12 to 12.45 pm for a chance to get to know Young Entrepreneurs in Science and the workshop program! … Read more

AI and Research Work Webinar

Webinar description In this free webinar “AI and Research Work”, speakers from Aalto University in Finland share insights about Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) and reflect on their impact on research work. The webinar is intended for staff and students who are interested in a basic introduction to AI in research … Read more

Science entrepreneurism: research support from outside the university

Have you ever heard about a postdoc who started a company and wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Have you ever been 40 comments deep in a sci-twitter thread about peer review and wondered how it’s possible to change the system? Over the past months at scientifyRESEARCH I’ve been working on the Innovative … Read more

Radioteraquiz: aprendizagem gamificada para profissionais médicos

Prefácio: É um trabalho difícil trazer a melhor prática médica para cada paciente, por isso perguntamos a Maria Thereza, da Radioteraquiz, como o aprendizado ativo e gamificado pode ajudar os profissionais de radioterapia a se manterem atualizados e aprimorados em suas habilidades. Aprendemos que o aplicativo coloca informações recentes e baseadas em evidências sobre medicina … Read more

From Zero to Programming Using AI Tools (free webinar)

Webinar description Unlock the power of coding with AI in just 2 hours! Join our exclusive workshop where PhD students and PostDocs from the natural sciences will go from zero programming knowledge to autonomous code implementors. Led by Alexander Britz (Python expert) and Daniel Mertens (asking-naive-questions-expert), you’ll discover: –Perplexity AI: Implement programming languages effortlessly, tackle tricky concepts, and get answers to all your questions. –ChatGPT: … Read more

Peer Review Week Webinar: Best Practices in Peer Review | scientifyRESEARCH

Webinar description Are you a researcher interested in performing quality peer review? Is it important for researchers to be recognized for this work?  Most researchers want to be part of the solution to the existing problems with academic peer review. Do you? Join us for this free webinar hosted by scientifyRESEARCH for Peer Review Week.  … Read more

Peer review: A key ‘transferable skill’ for researchers

What’s currently missing from the  peer review training available for researchers?  Everyone knows that peer review is the cornerstone of academic publishing. We all rely on other experts, our peers, to ‘quality control’ submitted research, to suggest improvements and changes, all before articles are finally – hopefully – published in journals. The higher-profile the journal, … Read more

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