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Building a better research funding database in 2022 to connect even more researchers with funding information in 2023

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Building a better research funding database in 2022 to connect even more researchers with funding information in 2023 Kate Gardner, co-founder At right an image of a notebook with "2022" pinned to the front.

A month into the New Year, and we’re moving smoothly along our roadmap at scientifyRESEARCH as we build our research funding database. Our fuel for this journey is the enthusiasm from researchers and the research services community.  

Thank you for recognizing we’re solving a fundamental problem in the world of research – finding funding opportunities. Research starts with funding, and we’re here to help you find it. Interested in what we accomplished over the past year at scientifyRESEARCH? 

We published +1000 funding opportunities in our open research funding database.  

All funding opportunities in our open research funding database display accurate and easy-to-filter information. The complicated details outlined across thousands of funding calls were organized in our database into a tidy display with simple filters. We provide the most pertinent information for you – the details you need to quickly assess eligibility and relevance.  

We prepared 44 tailored funding lists. 

To make the search for funding even easier, we prepared tailored lists of research funding opportunities by career stage, special topics, subject area and location. Our funding lists for researchers from developing countries, our dedicated funding list for women, research funding to promote diversity, and the travel funding list receive significant traffic – to mention a few lists we are particularly proud of! 

We presented our findings and our services at 4 conferences and events. 

In July, we presented a poster at the EuroScience Open Forum in Leiden. We looked at the use of funding as a strategy to promote diversity in the research workforce. 

We pitched scientifyRESEARCH at the STM Start-Up Fair in London in December. 

Our founder, Judy Mielke, has also presented at career days organized by the career services at Karolinska Institute and local start-up events around Stockholm.  

We learned from 70 researchers what matters most.  

The best companies listen to their customers. We dedicated time to conduct user interviews. We spoke with 70 researchers to better understand your funding needs. We asked them about their workflows, how they find funding and even about the website UX. We asked. We listened. We are building an even better research funding database based on your feedback. 

We hosted 6 webinars and gave invited talks at universities about finding research funding. 

To help researchers understand how to make best use of our database and to share new and interesting funding opportunities across various disciplines, we organized webinars for various student and research groups. Here are a few highlights: 

We interviewed funders for their perspective and recipients of top funding awards to learn about their success with securing funding. We looked at randomization in funding, funders that support diversity and science communication success stories. We also have blogs dedicated to distinct disciplines with a broad overview of the funding landscape for these researchers.  

We worked with 10 amazing people.

We’re pre-revenue, but that didn’t stop us from finding innovative ways to bring talent and expertise to our team. We worked with: 

  • four interns via Jobbsprånget 
  • three interns from Erasmus 
  • one intern from IT Högskolan 
  • one intern from the Karolinska program’s internship for doctoral students  
  • and a Vinnova-funded Marie-Curie scholar. 

Each of the individuals working with us brought welcome skillsets and new perspective to make significant contributions – including expertise in university-level teaching, front-end development, full-stack development, design, marketing experience and data science skills.  

We applied for 4 grants and got funding. 

We are a start-up that is growing a sustainable and scalable business. To ensure we’re delivering the best possible products for researchers, we strategically avoided venture capital. Just like you, we applied for grants. We’re still waiting to hear the outcome on a few, but we’re proud to say we secured the Vinnova funding to support a Marie Curie PhD data scientist who began working with us in December.  

We won recognition and awards. 

In December, we won 2nd prize in the Vesalius Innovation Award hosted by Karger Publishers. This recognition launched us right into 2023 with an invitation to present at APE 2023 in Berlin where we also placed 2nd at the “dotcoms to watch” pitch competition.  

Scandinavian Mind wrote a feature about scientifyRESEARCH.  

We’re benefiting from the Microsoft for Startups program that has supported us with free access to their suite of tools and dedicated training and support for start-up founders.  

And here we are today. Improving our database with a dedicated data scientist. We’re applying for more grants and we’re excited about our co-creation projects with leading research institutions around the world. Our next step is a premium research funding database with all the eligibility filters that you told us you need.  

Follow what we’re up to because we’re just getting started!  

Kate Gardner, co-founder and Judy Mielke, PhD, founder in London, December 2022.

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