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The scientifyRESEARCH Team

Meet Our Founders

Judy Mielke Founder of scientifyRESEARCH

Judy Mielke, PhD

"Chief Research Advocate" | Founder

Judy is passionate about research and researchers - so much so that she launched scientifyRESEARCH to help researchers have better access to funding information. Judy was a researcher and has worked with researchers for over 20 years and in multiple countries, including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.


Kate Gardner

"Chief Researcher Communicator" | Co-founder

Kate joins scientifyRESEARCH as co-founder after 8 years with an open access publisher in Switzerland and the USA and a former profession as a Child Life Specialist. She is keen to accelerate scientific discovery worldwide with tools to increase efficiency at the funding stage. She sees this role as a culmination of her two careers, bridging experience as a helping professional and publishing knowledge.

Our Team


Kaushik Mitra, PhD

Machine Learning Advisor

Kaushik is a Research Scientist at Meta. He works in the field of Applied AI and Machine Learning and is helping us build an AI system that can best serve our users as we scale our research funding database and make it universally accessible and useful.

Photo of Kaviya Ayyappan

Kaviya Ayyappan

Web Developer

Kaviya is a web developer with knowledge and experience in full-stack development. Kaviya likes to be part of a team and wishes to collaborate in all ways for the growth of our projects. In her spare time, Kaviya enjoys being out in nature, doing yoga, and solving puzzles.

Nishu Singh web developer

Nishu Singh

Web Developer

Nishu is an experienced web developer with a passion for creating functional and visually appealing websites. Proficient in various web development technologies and frameworks, with a focus on crafting customized solutions for WordPress websites. Outside of work, Nishu finds joy in cooking delicious meals for her family and spending quality time with them.

Juhi Baj

Juhi Baj

Business Insights & Performance Analyst

Juhi, a seasoned Business Analyst, brings a wealth of experience garnered from collaborations with diverse government and private entities. Holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration, she possesses a profound understanding of business intricacies. Juhi’s enthusiasm for data is evident as she finds joy in leveraging it to tackle and resolve intricate business challenges.

Dominika Kazmierczak

Dominika Kazmierczak, PhD

Digital Storyteller

Dominika is a postdoctoral fellow at the Karolinska Institutet. She researches RNA biology as well as host-microbiota interactions. Her scientific career took off after she was awarded a grant that allowed her to carry out research at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. She wants others to have the same opportunities that she had, therefore she recognizes the importance of funding. Dominika joined the scientifyRESEARCH team as a Digital Storyteller with the goal of linking promising research projects with funding sources! 

Swapnali Barde

Swapnali Barde, PhD

Digital Storyteller

Swapnali is a neuroscientist with a deep curiosity about human mind and behavior. Her research focuses on understanding depression with an aim to develop potential drug targets for the treatment of this grave disorder. She has robust background in scientific research and publication, grant writing and understands the backdrop of academic funding.

Helena Tavares

Helena Tavares

Digital Content Producer

Helena is a digital content producer with a background in Information and Documentation Sciences and Technologies and experience in customer service. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and creating ways for more people to access it. She is very interested in bringing awareness and increasing diversity.

Photo of Héctor Sánchez, Spanish translator at scientifyRESEARCH.

Héctor Sánchez


Introducing Héctor Sánchez, an energetic student in the home stretch to complete his degree in International Commerce. Héctor brings his expertise in commerce and languages, including English, French and Spanish, to us through the Erasmus+ Program from Spain.

He is constantly looking forward to develop new skills within the marketing and commerce sector and looks forward to applying his language skills as Spanish translator at scientifyRESEARCH.

Julia Spielbauer

Julia Spielbauer


Julia is a PhD student in neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. Besides her research focus on the gut microbiota-brain axis, her main interest lies in outreach and science communication. She is passionate about research as a tool to tackle societal challenges and dreams of creating the best possible environment for scientists to do so.

Our Advisors

Michello Ponto - PR & Communications expert

Michelle Ponto

PR & Communications

Michelle is an Emmy-nominated journalist and communications consultant who is passionate about science, green tech and innovations that support environmental resilience. She has spent the last 25 years working with clients all over the world to develop strategic communication plans that range from product and brand launches, to boosting online audiences and customer engagement, to creating personal brands for C-Levels.


Ingmar Broemstrup, PhD

Business Strategy

Ingmar is Partner & Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Leader of BCG’s Financial Institutions Practice in North America. Ingmar understands the landscape of academic funding globally and best practices for sustainable research services start-ups.


Aida Paniccia, PhD

Research Strategy

Aida has over 10 years of international experience (Italy, Sweden, Switzerland) in biomedical research, project management and science communication, and currently leads the Research Strategy & Communication Office at the San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy. She is passionate about improving the way academic research is managed, assessed and shared, with a special focus on the role of early career scientists.

A photo of a man in a suit with glasses, Blair Adams

Blair Adams

Senior Technology Advisor

Blair, Founder of Hove2 Consulting, is passionate about strategic digital solutions for advancing science and technology pursuits. He brings over 25-years of experience building global and national project teams. Experience includes extensive information technology focused client relationship management, strategic planning, solutions architecture, product management, and data visualization as applied via Fortune 500 consulting, public sector and early phase startups. 


researcher insights advisor

Natasha Chrisandina

Researcher Insights

Natasha is a chemical engineering PhD student at Texas A&M University in the USA whose research centers around designing more sustainable and resilient chemical processes. She is also passionate about increasing the visibility of scientific research to the widest audience possible, through supporting science communication training for graduate students and promoting open access publishing.

Lance Presser

Lance Presser, PhD

Researcher Insights

Lance Presser is a scientist in the Center for Infectious Disease Research, Diagnostics, and Laboratory Surveillance at the National Institute for Public Health and Environment in the Netherlands. His primary interests are clinical virology, molecular diagnostics, capacity building, laboratory/pandemic preparedness and outbreak response. 

Suyuan Chen researcher insights

Suyuan Chen

Researcher Insights

Suyuan Chen a chemical biologist for chemical proteomics research at the Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften – ISAS e.V. in Germany, whose interests are developing chemical tools for proteomics and structural proteomics research, drug targets and binding sites identification, as well as state-of-the-art technology for drug discovery. He is also enthusiastic about promoting better career development for scientists.

Alexis Ceasrine

Alexis Ceasrine, PhD

Researcher Insights

Alexis started as a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University in 2019 after earning her PhD from Johns Hopkins University. She is passionate about understanding how the maternal environment influences prenatal brain development, with the hope of eventually developing preventative measures for many neuropsychiatric disorders. She also likes problem-solving and science writing (despite spending many years avoiding it). In her spare time she loves to be outside and take care of her three dogs, cat, and toddler. She is keen to help us find solutions for improving the benefits details listed in our postdoctoral funding opportunities. 

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