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As a research office, you have a diverse range of funding needs. Our research funding database caters to all levels of research, from Ph.D. students to seasoned researchers, providing you with a comprehensive list of grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Premium research funding database

Unlock the power of insights with our premium database

Access a wealth of information with our up-to-date premium database. Enjoy a user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities to find what you need with ease.

Research Funding Webinars

Funding strategies for research success

We love to talk about research funding! We can organize webinars for your researchers, any career stage, and any subject area.

Share Research Information

Reach more researchers with us

Do you have funding or events that you would like to share with the world? We amplify your reach.

Find Funding Faster

With the ability to search and filter through our database, you can easily find funding opportunities that align with your research goals. Sign up now and start exploring the funding options available for your research office.

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