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In your research office, you have a diverse range of funding needs. Our research funding database helps you help your researchers with the best structured funding information that is easily accessible, anywhere in the world.

Premium research funding database

Find funding faster with our premium research funding database

Research funding information must be tailored to each researcher's unique needs. With so many researchers that you serve, how do you scale your workflow to help everyone? Our premium research funding database enables you to help more researchers, today.

We help you, empower your researchers

As a premium subscriber to scientifyRESEARCH, your success is our success.

Clean data

Structured funding information

Funding information comes with extensive eligibility criteria. We make it easy to sort through what is relevant for your researchers.

Easy access

Unlimited access, anywhere in the world

Don’t let artificial barriers and location restrict your researchers – they can use our database anywhere in the world with no IP restrictions.

Grant alerts

Timely notification

We provide the option for researchers to receive an email when relevant grants are published.  

Daily updates

Timely information

We help you stay up to date with research funding information through daily updates to our database. 

Funding webinar

Tailored funding webinar

We help you train your researchers to find funding faster, with search tiips and an overview of our research funding database.

Tailored funding lists

Co-create with us

Tailor funding information to your institution’s needs, including the option to include internal funding opportunities. 

Share info

Reach researchers with us

Do you have events or funding information relevant for researchers beyond your institution? We can help you reach them.

Find Funding Faster

With the ability to search and filter through our database, you can easily find funding opportunities that align with your research goals. Sign up now and start exploring the funding options available for your research office.

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Curate your own funding list

Keep track of most important funding

We make it easy for your to keep track of the most relevant and important funding for your institution.

More funding with AI

Human and artificial intelligence

Combining human insights with AI tools, we bring you even more new funding opportunities on a daily basis.

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