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More research funding for researchers in India: A co-creation project with the Research Development Office at NCBS-TIFR/DBT-inStem

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Research Funding - More research funding for researchers in India: A co-creation project with the Research Development Office at NCBS-TIFR / DBT-inStem with logos of the RDO and these two organizations

We are excited to announce our co-creation project with the Research Development Office at NCBS-TIFR / DBT-inStem to provide more research funding information to researchers in India. As a global R&D powerhouse, India ranks third in the world in scientific output and fourth in R&D expenditure [1, 2]. At scientifyRESEARCH, India ranks regularly among the top 5 countries using our research funding database. By co-creating with NCBS-TIFR and DBT-inStem, we aim to make our funding database even more relevant to researchers at all career stages in India.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation brings people together to collectively design solutions to specific development challenges [3]. In our case, the Research Development Office at NCBS-TIFR/DBT-inStem supplements our ever-growing database with research funding information relevant for researchers in India.

More and better research funding information for researchers in India

The Research Development Office at NCBS-TIFR / DBT-inStem has had an unwavering commitment to provide open-source information on research funding calls from India-based funders and global opportunities available to fund research in India. Their curated funding lists have been available on their website, supporting not just the researchers they serve directly, but all researchers from across India have benefited from their resources. By co-creating with us, researchers in India can benefit from additional services, such as the ability to filter relevant funding on a dedicated and open research funding list for researchers in India, access to funding information and deadlines that are kept up-to-date, and a free grant alert service offered by scientifyRESEARCH.

“Looking forward to a fruitful and long-term collaboration with scientifyRESEARCH as we co-develop this extremely useful resource for Indian researchers in the field of life sciences. By making this ‘open access’, it is our hope that this resource will be able to reach and benefit maximum number of researchers in India.” – Vineetha Raghavan, PhD, Head, Grants Management and Research Collaborations, Research Development Office

Co-create with scientifyRESEARCH

We are thrilled to work with Research Offices that recognize that useful funding information, made easily available to researchers, is the first step to securing funding. We encourage other Research Offices to follow suit and work with us to build the most comprehensive funding database for researchers globally. Together, we can ensure that researchers are applying to the best suited funding opportunities, increase their chances, and remove the time wasted in the search process. Ultimately, we hope that through a better distribution of research funding information, we can reduce some of the hyper-competition that is research funding today, and help researchers to do what matters most: research.


[1] Scimago Journal and Country Rank 2022. Accessed July 11, 2023.

[2] List of sovereign states by research and development spending. Accessed July 11, 2023.

[3] Co-Creation at USAID. Accessed July 11, 2023.

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