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Diversity and Inclusion in research funding (online event)

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diversity in research event

More and more these days, we recognize the power of diversity and inclusion when it comes to solving complex challenges. But how do we go about making academia and research more diverse and more inclusive? This online event organized by EARMA seeks to support research administrators to move forward with DEI initiatives. In their words:

"This online discussion will directly address the underlying issues that are currently keeping the field of research from moving forward into a necessary high standard of diversity and inclusion. Perspectives from European and U.S. American contexts will be shared. Examples will relate directly to the experience and role of individuals in research administration, and how lacking and even life-threatening those experiences can be. Further examples will touch upon unethical practices in research related to the use of terminology and populations in highly funded studies that deliver meaningless and unuseful results."


  • April Ursula Fox  - Grant specialist at the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects at the College of Education of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.
  • Jakob Feldfors Christensen -  Director of DIVERSIunity, an international consultancy based in Denmark dedicated to making diversity and internationalisation work in research and research management.


  • Evelina Brännvall - EU Policy Officer at Universities in South Sweden Brussel Office, Belgium and is employed by Lund University, Sweden. 

When: Monday, June 26, 2023. 15:30 Central European Time.

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