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From Zero to Programming Using AI Tools (free webinar)

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Webinar description

Unlock the power of coding with AI in just 2 hours! Join our exclusive workshop where PhD students and PostDocs from the natural sciences will go from zero programming knowledge to autonomous code implementors. Led by Alexander Britz (Python expert) and Daniel Mertens (asking-naive-questions-expert), you'll discover:

-Perplexity AI: Implement programming languages effortlessly, tackle tricky concepts, and get answers to all your questions.

-ChatGPT: Master code production, bug fixing, and text extraction from PDFs with ease.

It is unbelievable, but by the end of the webinar you'll achieve incredible milestones:

-Install a programming environment effortlessly.

-Produce code, e.g., to extract text from PDFs, combine files and much more.

-Debug like a pro.

-Unleash the potential of Python, R, LaTeX, and Visual Basic for Applications.

Take-home messages from participants:

-Learn to ask effectively.

-No question is stupid - AI has endless patience.

-Empower yourself to make anything happen on the computer.

-It is no longer a question of knowledge. Success is a special mindset.

Don't learn from scratch! Register now for our "From Zero to Coding Using AI-Tools" webinar. Limited spots available!


Join the coding revolution! Unleash AI's potential in programming. See you there!

About the speakers:

Alexander Britz:

Daniel Mertens:

When: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 11am-1pm Central European Time (GMT+2)

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