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The future of scholarly communication (online event)

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Are you passionate about scholarly communication? Do you believe that there are better ways for researchers to communicate research? This virtual brainstorming event "The future of scholarly communication" organized by the Berlin Institute of Health brings together early-career researchers who are passionate about improving scholarly communication and scholarly publishers who understand the complexities of the current system. Topics discussed include:

  1. What factors are most important to you in deciding when, where and how to share or publish your work?
  2. What barriers do early career researchers face when publishing their work? How do these barriers differ for early career researchers from communities that are marginalized or underrepresented in research? How can we address these barriers?
  3. What complementary research outputs might you like to share, beyond publications (e.g. pre-registration documents, open protocols, open data, open code)? What obstacles do you face when attempting to share these materials in the current system? How might we adapt the publishing system to overcome these obstacles?
  4. How can we make research outputs more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience? What groups face barriers to access or understanding, and how can we reduce these barriers?
  5. What norms in the research community make it challenging to test or adopt new approaches? How can we shift these norms?
  6. What role(s) do you think that early career researchers should play in the publications process, beyond submitting papers as authors? How can publishers involve early career researchers in these roles?
  7. What change would you most like to see in scholarly communication and scientific publishing? How might you implement this change?

When: January 4 - 5, 2023 (exact time on these days to be confirmed)

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