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Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) awards research grants to Sweden-based researchers conducting strategic research in science, engineering and medicine with the goal that the research conducted should ultimately be of benefit to Swedish industry and society. The priority research areas of the SSF are:

  • Biotechnology, medical technology and other Life Science Technologies;
  • Materials Sciences & Technologies; and
  • Information, Communication & Systems Technologies

The Foundation funds Swedish research via research group grants, individual grants, graduate schools and grants to promote international mobility of Swedish researchers .

Recipient Citizenship: Global

Host Location: Sweden

Grant Opportunities:

JSPS 2023 (Swedish postdocs in Japan)

Final closing date: January 8, 2023

SSF Semiconductor System Design Research Centre Grant (Sweden)

The opportunity is currently closed. Sign-up for grant alerts to be informed when the grant re-opens.

Final closing date: November 1, 2022

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