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Young Academy of Europe (YAE)


The Young Academy of Europe (YAE) is a pan-European initiative of young scientists for networking, scientific exchange, and science policy. The YAE focuses on (but is not limited to) the following main aims and activities:

  • Science policy and evidence-based policy: The YAE acts as a voice for young researchers by actively reaching out to policymakers, seeking to influence science policy and contribute to the development of a European science agenda for the coming decades. The YAE endorses evidence-based policy across all European countries; its membership comprises internationally recognised scientists and scholars across all disciplines seeking to actively contribute their expertise towards this goal.
  • Networking: Efficient communication of the YAE’s activities is a key component to strengthening the solidarity and networking amongst exceptional young researchers in Europe, in order to create a pool of information, pass on experience, give feedback, and provide active support to colleagues across Europe and future generations of leading scientists.
  • Science Communication: The YAE encourages young scientists to communicate their research to the general public in Europe, emphasising scientific and scholarly issues which affect society, quality of life and standards of living.
  • Interdisciplinary Exchange: The YAE aims to function as a European platform fostering interdisciplinary and international scientific exchange, collaboration, and knowledge transfer among its members and beyond borders.
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: The selection of new members for the YAE, the elections of members to serve on its board, and the award of prizes by the YAE should be carried out objectively and professionally.

The YAE supports its community with a prize and mentoring activities.

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