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Whether you are a PhD student or a seasoned researcher, we have research funding information for you. Use our main research funding database to see all grants, scholarships and fellowships, or use our curated funding lists tailored to your needs, and why not sign-up for a grant alert so that you are always up to date. 

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It can be an amazing privilege to be a researcher. A research career can also be stressful. We cover all topics that help you be even more successful with your career, in research and beyond. Available in English, Spanish and German.

EVENTS: everything research-related online and in-real-life

We showcase research-related events, including science careers, science entrepeneurship, publishing and more with our research events database.

FUNDERS: research funder database

We showcase research funders with our research funder database so that you can expand your funder knowledge and look for funding in the right places.

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