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Distinguished Innovator Grant (Nordic health and life science research)

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The Distinguished Innovator Grant Sustainability Health from the Novo Nordisk Fonden provides funding for senior faculty members to accelerate the commercialization of research within sustainability or health.

The Distinguished Innovator Grant Sustainability seeks to support research within agriculture, food, industrial and environmental biotech*, carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies as well as nitrous oxide and methane emissions, and quantum technologies. The aim is to stimulate the evaluation of ideas that may lead to the development of new products or systems, devices and technological platforms in relation hereto. Particular focus will be placed on projects covering sustainable and high yielding agriculture, sustainable food for healthy diets, and climate change mitigation technologies to support the green transition. 

The Distinguished Innovator Grant Health seeks to support innovative research within med-tech, industrial biotech*, or pharma, and to stimulate the evaluation of ideas that for example could lead to the development of new medical treatment, disease prevention, diagnostic methods as well as new health technologies, devices and technological platforms. Particular focus will be placed on projects covering cardiometabolic diseases** as well as infectious diseases and preventive solutions hereto. 

Applications are open to faculty members, researchers, and students employed at universities, hospitals, or other knowledge institutions in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland). Up to 6 million DKK over 3 years is available per grant.

This is a biannual award and the next applications close on March 13, 2024.

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