Great Apes & Gibbons Grants (Africa | USA)


The Great Apes & Gibbons Grants from the Arcus Foundation supports programs that achieve conservation and respect for the great and small apes. Through this funding program, the Foundation aims to:

  1. Reconcile socio-economic development and conservation activities in priority ape landscapes;
  2. Build an effective movement of institutions and leadership addressing current and emerging threats to apes;
  3. Increase respect for the intrinsic value of apes, diminishing their exploitation and ensuring they are provided appropriate care.

Applications are welcome from organizations dedicated to achieving these goals. Applications are open to organizations based in 18 countries in Africa and Asia, and also the USA. The grants range on average 100,000 – 150,000 USD. Applications are assessed on a rolling basis and eligible applicants are invited to submit a letter of inquiry at any time.

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