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HFSP Research Grants (life sciences)

The HFSP Research Grants are funded by the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) to support teams of researchers working on fundamental challenges in the life sciences. The teams should be multi-disciplinary in nature and with members from different countries. The principal investigator must have an independent laboratory in one of HFSP’s member countries. The Award provides research funding for 3 years and exact amount depends on the team size, e.g. teams of 2 receive 300,000 USD/year; teams of 4 receive 500,000 USD/year (up to 10% of funding may be used for indirect costs).

Applicants must initiate the application process by March 21, 2023, submit a letter of intent by March 30, 2023, and invited full applications by mid-September 2023.

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