Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (USA)


The Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (Parent K23 Independent Basic Experimental Studies with Humans Required) research funding program from the National Institutes of Health supports the career development of individuals with a clinical doctoral degree who have made a commitment to focus their research endeavors on patient-oriented research. The award provides salary and research expenses for up to 5 years. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents and the research must be conducted in the USA. Applicants must have a health-professional doctoral degree. Such degrees include, but are not limited to, the MD, DO, DDS, DMD, OD, DC, PharmD, ND (Doctor of Naturopathy), as well as a doctoral degree in nursing research or practice. Individuals with the PhD or other doctoral degree in clinical disciplines such as clinical psychology, nursing, clinical genetics, speech-language pathology, audiology or rehabilitation are also eligible. Opportunity ID: PA-20-204. Applications follow the standard NIH dates for K series grants: February 12, June 12 and October 12. The next applications close on June 12, 2023.

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