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Priority Programme “Productive Biofilm Systems” (SPP 2494) (Germany)

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ERC webinar 2024
ERC webinar 2024

The Priority Programme “Productive Biofilm Systems” (SPP 2494) from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) supports research on biofims in Germany. The funding programme seeks to advance the understanding and application of microbial biofilms as biocatalysts in industrial bioprocesses, capitalizing on their natural advantages such as high cell density and robustness against process fluctuations. DFG invites jointå proposals in which at least two groups with complementary expertise work together and simultaneously offer at least one specialised technology or area of knowledge to the other partners.

Initial funding of up to 3 years is provided.

On 21 June 2024, there will be an online coordination meeting (Rundgespräch) to enhance the coherence of the Priority Programme. This meeting will also allow to discuss (bilaterally) potential collaborations or joint proposals. If you are interested, please contact the coordinator of the Priority Programme in advance.

Applications close on October 1, 2024.

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