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Teaching Grant (endocrinology worldwide)

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ERC webinar 2024
ERC webinar 2024

The Teaching Grants from the Society for Endocrinology supports Society members with all aspects of teaching in endocrinology as well as initiatives to inspire the next generation. The scope for this grant is wide and the Society is particularly keen to receive applications for educational initiatives which can translate into a resource or model to be used by other members. Suggested uses for this grant include teaching resources, educational equipment, programme design [e.g. Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)], training in teaching tools (e.g. AI), student prizes, expenses to invite guest lecturers for undergraduate/postgraduate teaching programmes. Applicants may apply for up to 750 GBP in funding.
The grant can be used to support undergraduate Summer Studentships. Applications will be considered up to 185 GBP/week for a maximum of 10 weeks student stipend.
This grant can also support nurses to complete the SfE-Oxford Brookes Masters Module in Endocrine Nursing. Registration is currently 1000 GBP.
The grant has three deadlines per year and the next applications close on October 2, 2024.

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