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scientifyRESEARCH welcome blog post

Welcome to scientifyRESEARCH! I am so glad that you´ve decided to explore this new platform for scientists. You may be asking, what makes this different from the other platforms out there? Maybe we can start with a story – I too was once a scientist like you. At some point, I realized that I can do more for science by helping other scientists and I became a science editor at a major scientific publishing house.

Along this journey, I´ve worked with many dedicated scientists at all stages of their careers, and it became clear that more often than not, scientists are not spending time actually doing what they are trained for and paid to do – science! With this in mind, together with insights from over a decade of working for large corporations serving the academic ecosystem, I aim to bring you a platform that:

  • provides you with trustworthy, reliable, and timely information;
  • is easy to use;
  • is open and accessible.

The GRANTguide is only a start, I look forward to hearing more about the challenges that you face as a scientist, and explore ways to overcome these challenges, together.

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