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Renate & Hans Schleussner Award from Biotest AG: Perspective from a funder

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Preface: We’re always keen to bring attention to new funding opportunities from companies that contribute significantly to the advancement of research with their corporate social responsibility programs. Recently we spoke with Prof. Dr. Artur Bauhofer from Biotest AG, a German company that produces plasma protein products and biotherapeutic drugs [1]. In 2021, Biotest initiated the Renate & Hans Schleussner Biotest Award to fund promising research developments in the field of immunology.

Why did Biotest decide to initiate the Renate & Hans Schleussner Biotest Award in 2021?

Biotest aims to stimulate research in the field of immunology. Biotest sees its own responsibility in driving progress in this field.

Has Biotest previously organized any research funding programs?


What is your role and responsibility for the Renate & Hans Schleussner Biotest Award?

I see that the Renate & Hans Schleussner Biotest Award is an annual funding program.

Are you looking for the same applicant profiles each year?

More or less it is about research with immunoglobulins every year.

If not, how will the call change this year?

The focus is changing a little bit. Last year it was more specific to the immunoglobulin isotype IgM. This year more general on hyper-immunoglobulins.

And what types of researchers are best suited to apply?

Bio-scientific research from preclinical investigations to clinical studies is welcome.

Is this award open to global applicants? 

Yes, it is open for all regions and genders worldwide.

Are there any seniority restrictions or other applicant requirements?

There, is no specific seniority restriction, but a recommendation letter from a senior scientist is helpful.

What is your anticipated deadline for the 2023/2024 Project Concepts?

31th March 2024 

Typically what % of the Project Concepts are sent forward to the Review Committee?

Most applications are good, about 70 %. 

What made the previous award winners stand out among other applicants?

A precise, interesting project, which could be completed within a given time period.

What advice would you give prospective applicants?

Take the chance and apply with your project concept!

Could you elaborate on the peer review process (how it is managed, what type of feedback is given, etc.)?

The details how the best project is determined is provided on the web site under appraisal criteria. These criteria will be used and a written evaluation from the Jury will be compiled for the applicants.


[1] Renate & Hans Schleussner Award (

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