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More grant writing success for researchers: a collaboration between scientifyRESEARCH and GrantDesk

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We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Grant Desk, a Researcher.Life solution by Cactus Communications (CACTUS). Together, with Grant Desk, we now provide researchers with the necessary resources to find funding and get the funding with a well-crafted proposal. Together, we can help even more researchers.

Find funding with scientifyRESEARCH   

At scientifyRESEARCH, our mission is to help you – the researcher – get research funding and our vision is for a world where the best research and the most promising researchers are funded. 

Our funding database is the solution for the first hurdle of securing grant funding: finding the best suited research funding options. Our premium services offer incredibly well-structured data on grant eligibility criteria. The grant information in our database, including letter of intent and application deadlines, is updated daily and we offer a suite of added functionality for organizing important funding information. We save researchers’ time by surfacing only the most relevant opportunities and offering grant alert services and we do this well! 

The more we talk to researchers, the more we realize their need for a tool to help them with the next hurdle: writing a well-crafted grant proposal. It is pointless to find the best funding option and not put forth a promising application. Applying for any grant is a time-consuming process. We want researchers to spend more time doing their research and less time writing applications to secure hypothetical funding. So, voila! We found a solution for this, which is GrantDesk.  

ScientifyRESEARCH and GrantDesk 

We are delighted to announce this partnership with Grant Desk. At scientifyRESEARCH, our funding database helps researchers quickly find the best suited funding. The next important step is to secure funding with a strong application. This is where GrantDesk comes in as a trusted service provider to pair you with grant writing experts who are there to help you get the funding your research requires. 

More grant writing success with GrantDesk  

After pinpointing the ideal grant for their project, researchers can turn to GrantDesk for expert guidance on their application, regardless of whether they’re beginning from square one or already have a preliminary draft. GrantDesk was conceived in response to the pressing demand within the academic community for streamlining the arduous process of grant applications, significantly lowering the likelihood of fruitless efforts stemming from rejected proposals. With a formidable team of over 200 experts spanning across all subject domains, the collaboration with these experts typically results in a comprehensive application process taking just 4-6 weeks from inception to completion. GrantDesk by CACTUS aims to transform the way researchers approach proposal development and academic grant applications. CACTUS has supported 4,500 applications to all major funders over 20 years. 

Found a promising grant via scientifyRESEARCH? Now write a winning application with the help of GrantDesk!

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CACTUS partners with scientifyRESEARCH

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