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Angelman Syndrome Alliance (ASA)


The Angelman Syndrome Alliance (ASA) is a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands, created by a partnership of organizations from around the world that are focused on supporting people with Angelman Syndrome, their loved ones, carers, and clinicians. By combining resources, knowledge, and a relentless dedication to initiate change, the ASA is uniquely positioned to drive advances in scientific knowledge about Angelman Syndrome. As a rare disease, funding for scientific research from major funders is limited.

The ASA combines financial resources from small Angelman syndrome charities around the world to fund scientific research. Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder that results from a loss of UBE3A gene activity which encodes the ubiquitin E3 ligase E6-AP. It is characterised by severe intellectual disability, lack of speech, motor coordination deficits, sleep disturbance, and usually a happy demeanour.

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Final closing date: June 30, 2023

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