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FAST-TRAC Award (Angelman syndrome | worldwide)

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The FAST-TRAC (Targeted Research to Advance a Cure) Awards, funded by the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST), aim to accelerate the development of potential treatments for Angelman Syndrome (AS). These awards prioritize research in gene modification, disease modification, and symptom-alleviating therapeutics. They also support the creation of diverse platforms and tools for high-throughput drug screening.


  • Individuals should possess training and experience at least equivalent to the PhD or MD level.
  • Institutions receiving grants must be recognized as non-profit.

The grant provides a maximum funding of 150,000 USD per year for 1-2 years (up to 5% indirect costs). Each award includes a 3,000 USD travel stipend to facilitate the PI and one trainee, if applicable, to attend the annual FAST scientific symposium, where they may be asked to present their current research progress.

Applicants are encouraged to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to FAST at to assess the feasibility of a potential request before applying. LOIs must be submitted as one PDF file containing the following information:

  • A brief description of the project, including objectives and rationale.
  • An estimated budget and duration of the project.
  • Preliminary data supporting the project.
  • A CV/Biosketch.

The entire LOI (excluding the CV) should not exceed 3 pages.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

This grant has rolling submissions. Submit applications at any time.

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