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Villum Synergy applications in Data-Driven Science (Denmark)

The Villum Synergy applications in Data-Driven Science support Denmark-based researchers working on interdisciplinary data-driven science. The research team must compose of at least two PIs. One applicant must be a methodological expert from computer science, statistics or applied mathematics and the other a domain expert from a field of application that may be broadly chosen (not medicine and clinical research). Co-PIs providing additional required expertise may also be included in the project. Applicants may apply for:

  • Initiation project grants on DKK 2-3 million for up to two years are available for new collaborations.
  • Full project grants on DKK 10-20 million for three to five years for established collaborations mature enough to benefit from a large grant. 

All grants include up to 15% in indirect costs. Applications close on March 2, 2023.

Challenge: SDG

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