Discover Your Career Opportunities as a Sciencepreneur! (online)

You want to take the leap from academia into business with your research idea but don’t know where to start? Join the Falling Walls Foundation for a quick lunch Q+A session on October 4, 2023 from 12 to 12.45 pm for a chance to get to know Young Entrepreneurs in Science and the workshop program! … Read more

Science entrepreneurism: research support from outside the university

Have you ever heard about a postdoc who started a company and wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Have you ever been 40 comments deep in a sci-twitter thread about peer review and wondered how it’s possible to change the system? Over the past months at scientifyRESEARCH I’ve been working on the Innovative … Read more

Litmaps: explora trabajos de investigación mediante sus conexiones

Prólogo: Saber orientarse a través de los trabajos publicados a la hora de empezar un nuevo proyecto o mantenerse al día entre investigaciones y cursos puede resultar desalentador, de modo que le preguntamos a Axton Pitt, creador de Litmaps, sobre cómo descubrir nuevos trabajos científicos mediante sus conexiones. Aprendimos que Litmaps ayuda a entender un … Read more

Litmaps: see research literature by its connections

Preface: Finding your way through the published literature when starting a new project, or keeping up to date between research and courses can feel daunting, so we asked Axton from Litmaps how we can discover literature based on connection. We learned how Litmaps helps you see a field of literature based on connectedness theory, and … Read more

SciScore: an assistant for reliable methods reporting

Preface: We asked Anita Bandrowski from SciScore about reliable methods reporting and learned about tools developed to help researchers write complete and rigorous methods sections and increase scientific reproducibility. While SciScore can help us fill out the MDAR reports and STAR tables required by specific journals, it also gives a framework for checking that things … Read more

Audemic: access research articles through listening

Preface: In the latest interview in our series on companies that are developing innovative ways to support your research, we speak with Jose from Audemic about how we can access research articles by listening to them in the Audemic App. We asked him about access and inclusivity in research and learned that technology is not … Read more

Ethos for developing NLP tools to support researchers 

Developing a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm for research services is fascinating. It asks the AI engineer to merge many perspectives to deliver a complete tool. Every second a groundbreaking NLP algorithm hits the market, and researchers developing them need to be aware of the limitations and the conditions under which their NLP was developed. … Read more

SciFlow: technology made for creating research publications

Preface: In the latest interview in our series on innovative companies that are developing support for researchers, we asked Carsten from SciFlow about how their technology for creating research publications is making academic writing easier. Not only is SciFlow a powerful platform for students and scientists to write and collaborate on journal articles, theses, and … Read more

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